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The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the professional organization for the $162 billion third-party logistics industry.  Our members serve tens of thousands of shippers daily and are linchpins of interstate and international supply chains.  Our members use all modes of transportation to fill store shelves and keep America’s economy growing.  TIA’s Government Affairs Department works tirelessly to represent this dynamic industry on Capitol Hill.

One of the most important tools that TIA uses to win support on Capitol Hill is the TIA Political Action Committee, or TIAPAC.  In addition to meeting with Members of Congress and their staff, supporting Members of Congress who support our industry with a PAC contribution is one of the most valuable tools TIA has at its disposal. TIA uses its PAC dollars to garner support and build relationships on Capitol Hill, so that when an issue arises the first phone call a Member of Congress makes is to the staff of TIA to get our policy position.  TIA leverages our financial support to a Congressional campaign by providing detailed scorecards showing how many constituents are employed by TIA members in each Congressional district and state.  We emphasize the enormous economic impact that the logistics industry has nationwide, and how important the salaries our members bring home are to each individual district.

TIAPAC is a vital bipartisan platform for the logistics industry to have its voice heard on Capitol Hill.  The dollars raised by TIAPAC from voluntary individual donations help to magnify the voices of our individual members and have an enormous impact on the debates that affect our member companies and their employees.  Every dollar that you contribute to TIAPAC goes towards political contributions and direct networking with members of Congress.  Not a single penny goes towards administrative or overhead costs.

Under the leadership of the TIAPAC Chairman and Chairman’s Circle, our industry has grown TIAPAC into a political force on Capitol Hill.  We may not have the millions of dollars that some interest groups and associations bring to the Hill, but in addition to being very sophisticated in who we target for political contributions, TIA has the privilege to represent the best members and one of the most important industries in the American economy.  Our message reflects that every day in Washington, DC.  We hope that you will join your fellow industry leaders and support TIAPAC today.

Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, participation in TIA’s political action committee is limited to:

  • U.S. Citizens or green card holders with permanent resident status and living in the United States.
  • The TIA primary member contact and the employees of their business.  TIA must first receive permission from a member company’s primary contact prior to accepting or soliciting a TIAPAC contribution.  The “restricted class” of a member company is defined as the “company executives and administrative personnel or their families.”  Executive and administrative personnel are paid on a salary basis and have policy making, managerial, professional, or supervisory responsibilities.
  • The TIA member company may not approve a solicitation by any other trade association if they sign the TIA authorization.  Federal election law states that a corporate member company of a trade association can only give prior authorization to one trade association PAC per year.
  • An individual may give up to $5,000 annually to the TIAPAC.

For more information, please contact Nancy O’Liddy (oliddy@tianet.org, 703-299-5711), Chris Burroughs (burroughs@tianet.org, 703-299-5705), or Will Sehestedt (sehestedt@tianet.org, 703-299-5713).